Anti Theft Devices used to Prevent Vehicles

Your automobile is your beloved possession. You know better how much efforts you take to maintain your vehicle, be it a car, motorbike etc. Is there any guarantee that your beloved vehicle is not stolen? The answer is yes and no; it is in the affirmative because with the advancement in technology, people come up with different ways to prevent vehicles from being stolen; it is in the negative because the thieves are also well-informed with the advancement in technology. So the wise step is to think intelligently and put an end to the theft of your valued vehicle.

As far as vehicles are concerned, most of you would be possessing cars. Your car is undoubtedly an object of pride. You would have bought the car and would be maintaining some valuable stuff in it, and it goes without saying that it also becomes an object of attraction for thieves.

Checking whether your car is locked is very important. But checking again is equally important. There is a central locking that is enabled in most cars nowadays. You can hear a heavy sound when this central locking takes place. Observe the remote button to lock your car when you press it. Also, confirm that you hear the central locking getting enabled.

When your car is parked, don’t keep your keys in the car. It’s also a prudent act to shut all the windows and the sunroof.

So, by now you would realize that car theft is a biting reality that you need to protect yourself from. Now we come to the essence of this topic; installing anti-theft devices in your car. The good news is that several devices are present that aid in safeguarding your device from being stolen.

Car Alarm

Who is not aware of the basic car alarm? In this modern world, nearly everyone is. Well, how does this alarm function? Once the thief breaks the window, the alarm does its work. The alarm also activates when the thief accesses a door. There are few methods to deactivate an alarm; you do it with an access code, switch it off remotely etc.

Mechanical Immobilizer

Well, now there is an affordable car anti-theft device. This is uniquely structured in such a way that the mobilization of access of the vehicle is restricted. But the con of this is that though it may help in getting rid of novice car thieves, it is not the same in the case of professional car thieves.

Steering Wheel Lock Bar

This locking bar conveniently slides over the steering wheel and then clicks in place. Thus the thief cannot turn the wheels since the bar hits the door of your beloved car and stops the wheel from turning. The main thing about this anti-theft device is that the bar is formed out of hardened metal that makes it an arduous task to cut. While this steering wheel lock bar is affordable and gets into the steering wheel in a jiffy, the bar becomes easy to detach for a professional thief.

Brake lock

This lock functions by linking to your brake pedal and subsequently locking behind it. There is least possibility to suppress the brake and you can do so only when the device is detached. It is a relatively reliable car-theft solution.

The theft of your loved vehicle is a serious matter and you can follow certain essential steps like locking your door. Your common sense will also guide you in this regard. But whatever you do, do it consistently and diligently.

Precautions to prevent auto theft

Master switch:

Install a master switch in your car. This switch is popular in vehicles like gypsy and jeep. The switch is used to cut the battery supply to the electrical parts of the car. In the same way there is a switch that stops the fuel to the engine. The best thing about this master switch is that, only the owner of the vehicle will know where the switch is installed.

Disabling device:

This is a device where it is attached with the battery. This cuts off all the power supply from the battery, if the proper procedures are not followed to start the vehicle.

Park your wheels side in driveways:

Some thieves may try to tow your car using trucks, since the car is locked. By parking wheels side in the driveways it makes them difficult to tow away from the front. Use emergency brakes which makes harder to tow.

Never leave the documents:

If you leave the documents in the car it makes easier for thieves to sell the car without any difficulties.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):

Have your Vehicle Identification Number in all the windows of your car. Most of the thieves won’t prefer to spend a lot in replacing the windows of a car. So it will be useful for the police to find your car.

Take steering wheel with you:

Even if the person enters into your car, he can’t drive the car without the steering wheel. So the quick-release hub is useful to remove the steering wheel where there is less secure for the vehicles.

Sensor in windows glass:

The glass sensor is used to detect the breakage sound of the glass through small microphones and gives an alert to the owner of the car.

Steps to follow if your vehicle is stolen

The first thing you have to do is to confirm whether your car has been stolen or it is towed by police for any other reason. After determining the real problems follow the given steps to recover your vehicle:

Check security camera:

Once you find that your car has been stolen, check your security camera system which will be more helpful for you to know what had happened exactly to the car and will be useful to find the victim, if your car is stolen.

Call cab companies:

Inform all cab companies that your car has been stolen, by doing so taxi drivers may give information about the car which may help you to get back the car very soon. Try to encourage such persons by rewarding them.

Check city transportation website:

Your car might have been misused (any crime or illegal activities) by the thieves and they may leave your car in any of the public places for their safety. This website shows you whether the car is towed from there due to parking violation. After checking this site you can inform police what had happened and act accordingly.

Look for stolen parts of your car in online:

Search whether the parts of a stolen car are selling in any of the websites; if you have found the site, with the help of police try to get back your car. The most important thing is to make sure that you inform police or accompany them before arranging any meeting between the sellers. As you know car thieves are more dangerous people, so going alone is not a good idea.

Call the police:

After verifying the reason your duty is to call the police and inform them about the theft and file a report on it. Make sure that you have all the details about the car especially the color, make, model and the most important is the registration number of the stolen car. You will be given a crime reference number which will be useful for you to claim your vehicle tax.

Report to finance company:

You should give a report to the finance or leasing company about the theft, if your stolen vehicle is financed or leased. If the car is bought by the bank loan, it is your duty to inform the bank about the theft as well.

Call the insurance company:

After informing the local police, call for the insurance company and give the crime reference number. They will inform you how to claim the insurance for the stolen car.

Apply for refund (vehicle tax):

If the stolen vehicle is not found within a week or a short period of time you can apply the refund for the vehicle tax. The refund of vehicle tax may not take longer period. It may take 5 to 6 weeks from the date you apply for refund.

No-trace report:

No-trace report is given by the police saying that the stolen car cannot be traced or located by them. This report helps you to claim the insurance amount from the insurer. But the report will be given only after a month from the date of car stolen.

After recovering the car:

After getting the car back, inform the insurance company if there is any damage to the car, only then you can claim the amount from them. Make sure that the police had taken the alarm from your car after recovering the car from thieves.

It is not easy to get back into driver seat of the stolen car. There are procedures to be done by the local police and then you can get back into your seat.

Ten anti-theft devices used to reduce your insurance rates

Ten anti-theft devices used to reduce your insurance rates:
1. Steering wheel locks
2. Ignition kill switches
3. Floorboard locks
4. Gearshift locks
5. Armored collars
6. Windows etching
7. Audio alarm
8. Hood lock
9. Tire lock
10. GPS system

SMS based security system:

SMS based security system is a vehicle ignition controlling technique. When the owner removes the key from the lock, system is turned on. It is based on vibration sensor. If there is any vibration in the car it sends a SMS to the owner of the car. When the car owner sends back the message to the system the engine is stopped.

This system can be used in cars, buses, motorcycles and even in bikes. The advantage of this security system is easy to use.

Anti theft devices

What is an anti-theft device?

A device which is used to prevent or make it difficult for a person to steal the movable items is known as an anti-theft device.

Steering wheel lock:

Steering wheel lock is used to lock the steering wheel of the car where the car cannot be taken even if the person enters into the vehicle. The only way for them is to tow the vehicle which is not possible for them in all the situations. These locks have more number of combinations where it is difficult to unlock.

Wheel clamps:

Wheel clamps are used to lock the wheel of the car. The wheels of the car cannot be moved unless the lock is released. It completely immobilizes the wheel without turning and rotating. It is suitable for most of the vehicles.

Gear lock:

Gear lock is more of a safety device. It has two components the stand and the lock. This is used to make a car unmovable when parked. A gear lock can be opened only through the respective key.

Brake lock:

Brake lock works on attaching the lock with respect to the brake pedal. It is very hard to cut the brake lock. The only possible way is to cut the brake pedal which is not a positive idea for thieves to take over the car with them.


It is a device installed in an easy accessible place in the car. It has a connection of 16 pin which is removable. When the plug is removed it is impossible to start a vehicle even for the most experienced thief. There are many numbers of combinations in ravelco which is very difficult to guess the right one. The only possible way is to plug the pin and start the car.

Hood lock:

This lock is used to deny access under the hood, protecting battery and other parts of the car.
This lock is only used to prevent the parts of a car like engine and other valuable components. This cannot stop a thief from stealing your car. The locking mechanism of this lock is done by a cable in a flexible sheath.

Hydraulic Lock:

This is used to block the flow of fluid and locks up all four brakes, so that the car cannot move. Generally this lock is installed in the brake lines.

Car finger print system:

Finger print technology is used to avoid the rate of increase in car theft. With this technology it is impossible for a person to access the car even though he found the keys of the car. Through this method, only the recognized people can activate the car. Some finger prints are kept outside the car. For example it reads the finger print of the person while opening the car itself. Some are kept inside the car.

Identifying driver’s brain wave:

This is a new anti-theft method where the brain waves of the driver are stored in the database of the system. If a vehicle starts moving and the wave of the driver doesn’t match with the waves stored in the database, then the vehicle is disabled. Though it’s still in the early stages, this method will become popular in the upcoming days.

Time delay switch:

This is a power cut off switch. Unless this switch is turned off before starting the car, the car will be disabled shortly after it is started.

Why you should care about auto theft?

I. Once our car gets stolen the insurance rate of the car goes higher and we will be responsible to pay the particular amount.

II. Stolen vehicles are used to commit other violent crimes that affect your community as well as your neighborhood.

III. If your car gets stolen all your works come to halt. Daily routine in your life stops and will take time to recover.

IV. Don’t keep your identity proof in your car because if suppose your car is stolen you may also become a victim of the theft.

V. And the most important is not to leave your house keys and locker keys in your car it may help them to access your home as well.

Latest techniques used in auto theft industry

App hacking:

This method is rarely used by the thieves to steal the car. App that is used to unlock the car and then it is hacked by the thieves, so that they can easily unlock the car by knowing the password. This method will become popular when the car makers attempt to connect their vehicles with owner’s smart phones.

App Hacking

App Hacking

Code grasping:

Thieves having the devices with advanced technology use their device to capture the code signal when the owner locks the car. With the help of lock code they calculate the unlock code for the car. Though there are little evidences in this type of theft it is found that this is also a method in auto theft, where some say it is impossible.

Code Grasping

Code Grasping


There are some methods in which thieves try to steal the cars from the public places and parking lots. Some common ways include:

Vehicle without care

If a car or an auto vehicle is left in public place without any care over a long period of time, then it is an opportunity for the thieves to steal the car easily from there.

Vehicle Without Care

Vehicle without care

Theft with keys

The owner of the car may allow his friends, neighbors or any other known persons to access the car by giving the key, where they also can steal the car for their necessity.

Theft with Keys

Theft with Keys


The owner of the car is threatened using any kind of weapons and they take the car in front of them easily.



Identifying the car model

Another way of theft is by identifying the brand and the model of the car where they can do the duplicate key with this identification, so that they can take over the car even though it is locked by the car holder.

Never leave the key in your car even for a quick errand because some may be waiting for an opportunity to take your car. Do not create an opportunity for them to take the vehicle from you.

Identifying the car model

Identifying the car model



To sell car

Cars are stolen mostly from rich people in order to sell their brand new cars and earn money for their necessary needs.

Sell your Car

Sell your Car

To sell parts of a car

Parts of a stolen car are sold for high prices in the society. People are there to buy the parts of a car and re-assemble them for their use.

Sell Your Car Parts

Sell Your Car Parts

Craze on the car

Some people steal the car just for the craze to travel and use those brand new modern cars.

Craze on the car

Craze on the car

Misuse the car

Cars stolen by thieves are misused to travel from one place to another. After travelling they leave the car, so that they may not be traced by the police.

Misuse the car

Misuse the car

To get insurance

Some owners of the car may steal their own car to get the insurance money from the government.

Get Insurance

Get Insurance

To do illegal activities

Stolen cars are used to take the illegal products like drugs and other products banned by the government. If the car is caught by the police then the owner of the car will get into trouble. So smugglers use the stolen cars for their safety also.

Once you find that your car is stolen the first thing you have to do is to file a complaint in the police station. So if your car is misused in any kind of activity you will not get into any kind of suspects or investigation.

Illegal Activities

Illegal Activities

Preventing Auto Theft

Locking your car

If you don’t lock your car, it will be easy for the thieves to steal the car without using any stealing devices and weapons.

Key Lock System

Lock your car with Key

Close the windows of a car

Windows of a car should be closed when you leave the car in public places as well as in the parking lots. Otherwise cars can be easily accessed through your windows and can be stolen by thieves.

Window Lock System

Window Lock System

Alarm system

Every car must have an alarm system, so that it gives an alert to the owner of the car if the car is accessed by someone else.

Car Alarm System

Car Alarm System

GPS system

In case if the car is stolen, through GPS we can easily track the location of the car.

GPS System

GPS System

Things in your car

Don’t keep any kind of valuable things near to the window of the car, it may attract the thieves to break the car and steal the car as well.

Things in your car

Things in your car

Use your brain

When parking your car, if you suspect anyone in the place of parking better don’t leave the car. Look for some other good place even if it is long from the place where you have to go. It is better to walk a little rather than your car gets stolen by thieves.

Use your brain in critical Situation

Use your brain in critical Situation