Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Product Features

  1. ultimate Vehicle Security System
  2. Biometris Fingerprint Security
  3. Multiple Programable Users
  4. Live Fimgerprint Identification
  5. Uses 4 Biological Markers

Instead of using car key the safest way is finger print Key,just by using finger print we can open the car Dore. Single and multiple users can store their finger prints and they only can hande the car.

This mobile car anti theft device was introduced in the year of jan 2001. This was named as Volvo SCC (Safety Concept of Car). With a fingerprint reader in remote control unit the (VPC) Volvo Personal Communicator sensor from Fingerprint Cards.

Fingerprint using in mobile anti-theft device, more security no trouble by car borrowing.

Aanti-fingerprint solving (extensible automatic ignition).

Control by mobile, no need key anti fortification.

Suitable for all car battery and mobile.