Kinds of Robbery

As in all other kinds of robbery, auto robberies - also called as carjacking - involve one or more criminals taking your car from you by force. The robber may use or may not use a weapon. Carjacking can happen when you stop at a corner for a red light or when you go to a convenience store late at night. Carjackers, similar to other robbers, prefer to attack a person who is alone rather than with a carload of people. Common sense and the practical tips in this section can help you to avoid carjacking.

Two of the most common forms of robbery are armed and unarmed.


    Robbery committed while the person accused is armed with a dangerous weapon.





    If the person committing the larceny was not using a weapon or was not threatening to use a weapon during the commission of the crime.




    Bank robbery is the  common robbery happening in all countries. Bank robbery is often common in Iraq. Bank robbery is one of the federal crime. There are several robberies that happened in Iraq. Among them the robbery of central bank was the unique where a large amount of money was robbed. Bank robbery prevails to be a big problem in all the countries nowadays




    Piracy is a crime which occurs often nowadays. They purposely commit crime by attacking the vessels. There are many types of piracy. In piracy , different levels of people are involved. For example they make different duplicate copies and sell it for less price. They usually create duplicates in large numbers and sell it for large profit.



    Looting is like stealing ones property when the property’s owner is unable to secure or safeguard his property. Looters will often steal archaeological properties. They usually create artifacts and sell it for a large amount of money. There are many cases in looting. one of the famous one is looting during Natural disasters.






    Burglary involves kidnapping a victim and making them stay with them for a period of time for getting a large amount of money. Burglary involves sexual assault, kidnapping etc. burglary also leads to many number of offences. Burglary is an inchoate offense.





    Aggravated robbery is similar to armed robbery. Taking a property from someone illegally is an aggravated robbery. This robbery may give punishment to the robberer to stay in jail till his lifetime. These kind of theft includes dangerous weapons to kill the person.ROBBERY


    Robbery is largely a big-city crime. Of 420,637 total robberies reported by law enforcement agencies nationwide in 2002, some 401,140 occurred in metropolitan areas-a rate of 173.4 per 100,000 people. By comparison, the rate of robberies in cities outside metropolitan