Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks are visible from outside the car and avoid the wheel from being turned more than a few directions. A difference on the steering wheel lock is the J-bar or grip lock, a flexible steel bar rod that hooks under the brake and locks to the steering wheel.

Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock:

  1. Adjusts to fit all kind of steering wheels
  2. Anti-Theft Steering Lock fits in few seconds
  3. Highly visible deterrent Facelity available
  4. Look for a lock is easy to fit and does not take up more than 10 or few seconds of your valuable time.
  5. Steering locks are Very Easy to handel
  6. Not muuch weight, so we can carry any were or else better to keep inside the car.
  7. Steering wheels were rigid and mounted on non-collapsible steering columns.
  8. The Steering Wheel lock is suited for cars, vans, jeeps etc.

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