Crime Prevention

The "cornerstone" of APD's crime prevention effort is our Neighborhood Watch Organizing Program. We have over 2000 neighborhoods in Albuquerque participating in the program, and we would like to organize (or "reorganize") your neighborhood on a block-by-block basis.

Initially, we look for someone who would be willing to host in their home an organizing meeting for their block.

If you would like to be a host, follow this procedure:

  1. Talk with some of your neighbors on your block to see if there is general interest in participating in a Neighborhood Watch.
  2. If so, and if you are willing to host the initial organizing meeting, call us to schedule at 924-3600.

We will then work with you to set up the meeting. (Toward the end of the organizing meeting, the neighborhood will officially select someone to be the BLOCK CAPTAIN, who is our contact person with the group from that point onward.)

We have a wide variety of activities for organized Neighborhood Watch groups, ranging from participation in the annual National Night Out celebration the first Tuesday of each August, to your Block Captain's option to join the Albuquerque Block Captain's Association (ABCA).

The Albuquerque Block Captain's Association was formed on June 1, 1985. Any block captain of a Neighborhood Watch group organized through APD Crime Prevention is eligible to join. The ABCA conducts two informational/business conferences each year and publishes its own newsletter, "The ABCA Alert." The ten-page twice-per-year publication is sent ABCA members and contains a variety of crime prevention information. For more information, please contact APD Crime Prevention at 924-3600.