US Auto Theft Statistics in 2012

Thefts were cleared as 11.9 percent in 2012. Compare with arson is 20.4 percent and with crimes is 19.0 percent. Every 44 seconds, the motor vehicles will be vanished in the United States, by FBI. Resource: Insurance Information Institute

In 2007 April, American drivers conducted a survey on behalf of the National Insurance Crime Bureau and Lojack, there found that:

  • 79% Peoples lock their vehicle.
  • 93% Peoples doesn't leave spare keys in their vehicle.

However, The Appraisal also Found:

  • One-third confesses to be true that they have left their car while the engine ON, which makes easy for theft.
  • 47% parking in well-lit area contains.
  • 40% leaving their valuable things in the car like bank statements, mail, purse or wallet...etc, causes risk for identity theft.

Even though 75% responds that, there costs associated with vehicle theft in addition to paying a traditional insurance policy with a low deductible and the cost of replacing the vehicle that are not covered by insurance. Almost none of people knew that there are additional costs such as vehicle rental costs, increasing in insurance premium, and cost for work. The appraisal was conducted via Opinion Research Corporation.

Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in The USA in 2012 According to the NICB Report:

1 Honda Accord 58,596
2 Honda Civic 47,037
3 Ford Pickup (Full Size) 26,770
4 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size) 23,745
5 Toyota Camry 16,251
6 Dodge Caravan 11,799
7 Dodge Pickup (Full Size) 11,755
8 Acura IntegrA 9,555
9 Nissan Altima 9,169
10 Nissan Maxima 6,947