Finger Print Car Anti-Theft Device

Finger Print Car Finger Print Reader

Product Features

  1. Ultimate Vehicle Security Device
  2. Biometrics Fingerprint Security Device
  3. Multi Programmable Users
  4. Live Fingerprint Identification
  5. Uses (4) Biological Markers

More Secured

This system requires a live fingerprint verification of the pre-programmed authorized fingerprint to start the car. The Fingerprint Authentication device determines the finger has a pulse, blood pressure report, temperature and tissue. It also performs a 3-D scan of the fingerprint determining the width and length.

The Biometric Fingerprint device is easily programmable and can store up to nine (9 nine) different fingerprints of the master driver's choosing. And also Programmed fingerprints can be added, deleted and the system can be easily disabled whenever the owner chooses as he Wish.

Biometric Characters

Our fingerprint vehicle security system utilizes advanced thermal biometrics. A verification process takes place prior to vehicle ignition occurring. After comparing the height, depth, and pattern of the fingerprint ridges as already said it looks for the four (4) biological markers This verification process is practically instantaneous; when an authorized fingerprint is submitted vehicle ignition occurs with 0.8 of a second.

Functions of Biometrics

A small 10 digit keypad allows the administrator to enter their 6 digit numeric code and add or delete fingerprints, modify the parameter default settings and deactivate the fingerprint required start by entering the valet mode command. It doesn't stop there, all the commands are guided by voice prompts allowing the user interface to be extremely friendly. Biomet Start is not a reactive theft retrieval product. It is a proactive theft prevention product, designed to stop the theft from being successfully completed.

Security System Function

Biomet Start has an answer for desperate thieves that resort to force; our anti-carjacking function places an insurmountable road block in a carjacker's path. When a carjacking is attempted, within 30 to 90 seconds (depending on the owner's preference) the fuel pump will shut down, the lights will flash, and the horn will blare until an authorized fingerprint is provided. With no fuel supply the carjacker will be fleeing on foot.