Wheel lock Anti theft Device

Wheel Lock

Wheel locks prevent theft by making it very hard. Although not possible to steal a set of wheels along with the tires. They work like usual lug nuts except that wheel locks can only be removed using the wheel-lock key a specially formed socket which you carry in the trunk. There is one wheel lock per wheel. Wheel locks are also presented for spare tires. The reason wheel locks are so successful is that it is very difficult to remove a wheel lock softly brute force requires banging or, more rationally, a pneumatic tool actions that are helpful to late at night theft.


  1. For police to prevent parking problem!
  2. For parking lot to increase income from parking enforcement!s
  3. Best Anti-theft device for increased car security Kit.
  4. The complete product of the body material is high quality steel plate, good quality and durability.
  5. Double-decked protecting rubber: two-layer Denity is high quality rubber; the total thickness is 10mm, To prevent the damage of tires.
  6. Double security :This product operates with the heterogeneous rocking handle, especially installs the door lock in the jack place of rocking handle, uses the burglar-proof door and safe cabinet door lock techniques ,but prevented effectively the lock is prized.
  7. Double thorn needle: 5cm steel needle can be punctured the tire of locked cars to prevent the cars moving Unlocked.
  8. Acid pickling, injecting oil inside to prevent rust processing, static Electricity spurts with high brightness plastics powder outside.
  9. It has spikes,which can stop the vehicles by breaking into the tire, the vehicles are driven away be force.
  10. With the soft rubber cover on the handle,that can make comfortable for users to hold it, and avoid the hurt of the user's hand.
  11. It has the function of moveable of the cover nut,which can fits all the tires with the diameter within 80cm.
  12. It adopts the rocking handle to operate two works,making it more convenient.