Glass Etching

Auto-glass etches are the valuable automobile theft prevention device. Stolen vehicles are taken to chop shops where they are uncovered for their parts. The look of auto-glass etches robotically makes the parts empty because they can be simply traced, thus making these vehicles cost prohibitive for possible thieves. One time a thief notices a automobile has a VIN and serial number fixed on its glass, he'll pass on. They're that successful in preventing automobile thefts.

Benefits of Auto-Glass Etches

Even though auto-glass etchings are not doing well, they provide a lot of benefits to car owners. That is, states and insurance companies will often offer discounts to include them useful to automobile windows. Because they avoid automobile thefts, they also reduce the amount of insurance claims, thus keeping premiums low. Car owners can apply auto-glass etches themselves, using kits that can be bought online, or they can have them performed in the automobile dealerships or local auto-glass professionals.

Other Theft Devices