Vehicle Security

Before getting into your vehicle

Take a few seconds to inspect your vehicle before getting into it.

  • Walk completely around your vehicle looking for:
  • Objects placed in the path of your tires or on top of your tires.
  • Fingerprints (if you car is dusty) around the doors, trunk or hood areas of the vehicles.
  • Wires protruding from the doors, hood, truck or gasoline cap.
  • Pieces of cut wire or electrical tape lying on the ground beneath or near your vehicle.
  • Signs of forced entry.
  • Look into the back seat to ensure that the car is empty.

Driving your vehicle

  • Vary your routes to and from work and vary your departure and arrival times frequently by at least 30 minutes. Be systematically unsystematic.
  • Avoid parking in unsecured areas and places that will be unlit at night.
  • Be aware of your surroundings; know who is pulling along side of you. You should also be watching what is taking place 3 blocks ahead of you.
  • While you're driving, be prepared to take evasive actions. Play the "what if game" and think of what evasive action you would take if the persons in the car next to you suddenly made an aggressive move or attacked in some fashion.
  • Remember that your vehicle is a 2,000-pound weapon and can be used very effectively against attackers. Be prepared to take action.
  • Be alert for motorcycles or bicycles stopping next to your car, particularly if there are two riders.

Riding in a Taxi

  • Only use "Radio Taxi" or dedicated taxi stand, telephone 225-5563, white colored vehicle clearly marked with "el gallito" "little rooster logo. For taxis in San Pedro Sula, use "Radio Taxi Barandillas" telephone 557-5808/553-6251 or "Radio Taxi Ideal", telephone 557-9147.
  • Before getting in, make an obvious point of looking at the license number. If possible, have another person make note of the number before you depart.
  • Use safety belts whenever available.
  • Look for driver I.D. on top right side of windshield.
  • Always agree on price before embarking.

Don't get into a taxi if:

  • The inside door locks and handles are not working.
  • It is occupied by anyone else in addition to the driver.
  • It is dirty or the license plates are obscured.
  • You smell alcohol.

While you are in route:

  • Establish a rapport with your driver.
  • Do not allow the driver to pick up unknown passengers.
  • Keep doors locked and windows up.
  • Stay alert.
  • Be prepared to take evasive actions.
  • Be prepared to stop the driver and get out of the vehicle if the driver is not using main streets, if he is driving in the wrong direction, or using alleys and shortcuts.


  • Copy of passports and/or required identification
  • Vehicle registration or a copy
  • License
  • Company or business ID.
  • If you don't speak Spanish - make that clear.
  • Be polite, and never, never argue.
  • Be patient and note the officer's name and badge number if possible for follow-up complaints or future issues.


  • Only top quality buses should be used inter-city
  • SAENZ: for Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula (SPS).
  • VIANA: for Tegucigalpa via SPS to La Ceiba.
  • Hedman Alas: via major cities.
  • Do not use local city buses.
  • Additionally there are several quality private bus companies that specialize in travel to specific cities. Use only the best company available.
  • If your children ride a school bus, have a parent or maid wait with them in the garage until they board. Have a maid or parent waiting for them in the afternoon as well.