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Maintaining a luxurious and an extremely costly car safely and securely round the clock has become a challenging affair for many car owners since the car thieves bring along with them sophisticated tools to open the car doors. These car owners are unable to predict accurately when the burglars will break open the garage and drive away t *heir brand new car.

The car owners are compelled to become a vigilante when the law enforcement authorities are very weak in their area. Protecting the car from the hands of the burglars is a very tough and challenging task since they enter silently into the garage and steal the car in a flash of a second. Statistics shows that numerous car thefts in the city and suburban areas are happening only during the night times when compared to day times.

Car Steering Lock System

Car Steering Lock

Safeguarding the car will be an extremely tough affair for the car owners when there is no security in the premises. Protect your vehicle from theft by following the methods that are showcased on this website. These are nothing but time-tested and mind blowing methods that are adopted by several car owners. Travelling all alone in the car during night time has become a challenging task for everyone and more particularly for a mid-aged woman. If you are planning to drive your car in the deserted streets or during the night times follow the instructions that are shown on this website before entering into your car.

Car Wheel Lock System

Car Wheel Lock

This website is a store house of information that is related to crime prevention and vehicle security. Visitors will get maximum information about anti-theft devices, auto thief games and theft prevention when they explore this website. They can also watch the videos that are uploaded on this website which will give maximum information about theft prevention and car maintenance. Car owners and others those who are willing to protect their cars from thefts will be benefitted and happy when they read the contents that are posted on this website. There are hundreds of brand new anti-theft devices that are ruling the market.

Visitors will have an opportunity to have a glimpse of these wonderful anti-theft devices when they enter this site. Drivers or car owners those who do not know anything about carjacking will get several information about it when they explore this website. The car owners or drivers those who have lost their car should follow certain guidelines immediately. They will get this useful information when they explore this website.

Car Key Safety System

Secure Car Key

Drivers or owners of the car should not leave their keys inside the car. What will happen when the keys are kept inside the car? Visitors to this website will get maximum information about this interesting topic when they browse this website. Crimes that are related to vehicles are rising tremendously and this website will provide the statistics of the vehicle related crimes. Never park the vehicles in deserted zones or dark areas since the thieves will play their games when you park your vehicles in these types of shady areas. Visitors will get tips for auto theft prevention when they explore this website.



Alarm systems:

Many vehicles have an built in alarm systems and if you are not having one then it is safer to fit an alarm system inside your car. whenever someone enters into your vehicle other then you or if someone is breaking your window it automatically rings so that the thief can be spotted immediately.

Vehicle tracking systems:

 When  a vehicle is stolen vehicle tracking system allows to track the stolen vehicle which leads to arrest the thief and find the stolen vehicle immediately by tracking the vehicles location.There are many types of tracking devices.If your vehicle has a tracking device and if you complain about your stolen vehicle it is easy for the police to help you in finding your vehicle.



Electronic immobilizers

Electronic immobilizers prevents the engine of your vehicle from running until a proper key of your vehicle is inserted.It is mandatory in cars,trucks,vans it is safer to have an electronic immobilizer.



Hood locks:

Hood locks are of different types Iit depends upon ones vehicle.It cannot prevent the thief from stealing the entire vehicle but it can find out thiefs who is about to sell your vehicle parts.If you are thinking about installing a hood lock then ask a professional mechanic to do it.


Here are some of the ways to protect your vehicle:


  1. Don’t forget to lock the car because it may lead the theft a easy way to stole a car.
  2. After locking the car one should not leave the car key inside the car itself.
  3. Don’t leave your valuables inside car which the passerby can easily see.
  4. Don’t  travel via high theft occurring routes even if the path is longer take only safer routes.
  5. If your vehicle does not have any anti-theft system. It is safer to install one so that it recognizes people stealing your vehicle.
  6. Don’t park your car in the dark because thieves work actively in dark so it is safer to park your vehicle in lit area.
  7. After parking take a look around. See if whether any doubtful person standing beneath or in the sides of your surroundings.
  8. Have an LED which blinks always   will never get stolen by the thief at its maximum because when he notices the alarm he will get into a conclusion that somebody is inside the vehicle.